REFLECTION: Trust in God, always.

REFLECTION: Trust in God, always.

Dear friends,

Just like fugitive Jacob, we are in the School of Faith, learning about God.

Jacob had to be detached from the security of a well provided home, a ‘paradise’ in comparison to the hard bed, stoney pillow and starry blankets.

Now away from a caring -if not overbearing mother and with no careless brother Esau to trick, Jacob was in the point of deepest need.

His prayer, childishly conditional, is for basic human needs of food, shelter, clothing, peace and reconciliation with his family. If God provided these needs, then the LORD would be his God.

That was Jacob’s school of Faith.

Now, friends we’re still adrift in cold COVID-19 infested seas? In our School of Faith we have to learn to put all our trust in God.

People will fail us but the Grace of God will give us abundant life in Jesus Christ.


Take me to the deep seas & Teach me by the Holy Spirit to trust in Thee, O Lord.


Rev Majaha Nhliziyo